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Episode #63: Blame my brain! What's behind those big, bad, bold, and downright bloody baffling behaviours.

Episode #62: Apathetic' teenagers, post-pandemic classrooms, and finding all the glimmers with Dr Lori Desautels

Episode #61: “Make me a sandwich”. How we can address the alarming misogyny present in our classrooms.

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"These short and concise podcasts reaffirm the conscious diligent classroom management that I wish to implement in my classroom. Not only does Claire provide concrete evidence of why this approach works, she encourages teachers who are in the trenches and committed to growing to continue through the challenges to make teaching fun and sustainable. Claire is passionate, excited, and clearly wise and experienced in the guidance she provides.
So good!"

CorinnaVan via Apple Podcasts, Canada, 04/09/2024

"As a new teacher I have been tuning into the Unteachables podcast and it has been so incredibly valuable. I love how practical the advice is. Claire is a enjoyable, friendly, and knowledgeable voice to for this kind of teacher PL."

TVancamp via Apple Podcasts, United States of America, 03/20/2024

"As a a mature Early career teacher your words of wisdom and inspiration are so helpful and encouraging. I feel assured that my approach is the 'right' approach for my teaching and the students in my class. I will say that it's not something that will happen quickly, which is ultimately what we desire, but it does take time. I think people need to understand that so they don't give up. Thank you again for your wonderful work!"

Earth Angel May via Apple Podcasts,Australia, 04/15/2024

"THIS IS ME! This community, this approach, this support, feels catered to me! l am a fun loving, type B teacher, who is constantly teetering on being fun and being chaotic! I found Claire through Instagram over a year ago and have LOVED the validation and helpful tips she constantly shares! This is my third year teaching Life Science to 7th grade students in Idaho. I turn on this podcast during my prep or in the car and it has helped me put into action some very needed classroom management tips. It is also very validating because I hear and see things that sometimes make me second guess my teaching philosophy because it feels "too soft." I am still learning and hope to someday take Claire's course to really put everything in action! Until then, I will glean from her podcast and posts to become a better version of teacher self!"

kgoulding via Apple Podcasts, United States of America, 04/11/2024
Hi there, I'm Claire —

I help teachers walk into their classrooms confident in their ability to calmly manage whatever challenging behaviours come their way. 

My work is deeply rooted in my mission of providing teachers with the quality support, training and mentorship that is so desperately needed to holistically and effectively classroom manage, whilst creating real and authentic change with the young people they support. 

I started The Unteachables Academy because I myself had to sink (drown, if I am being honest) in the profession before learning how to swim. Now, I am passionate about providing teachers like yourself with the support you deserved from the outset.

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